we are working with specialists
21 | 01 | 2013 -

Cooperation with the Institute of Animal Science in Prague lasts already for some years.  We participated on the research and development of tens of projects, most of which were already successfully realized, and research findings were used in actual production of our commodities. Here is possible to mention e.g. development of battery milk cart, which was consequently established into production and to this related development of cart, used for liquid manure pulling in manure grid corridors. Other development and research project involved among others illumination optimizing of milk parlors and operating personnel working room in relationship with illumination perfection in the whole stable, which in consequence effects to welfare improvement of stabled animals. A lot of new findings, which we immediately implemented into production, were brought from development in the area of animal drinking behavior or from development of modular system of pens for calves, which takes into account all the modern findings about cattle development.