there is still a lot to improve, good product is not enough
21 | 01 | 2013 -

Company AGROMONT VIMPERK is not satisfied with excellent achieved work results, it intensely follows research and development of new projects, as well as continuous refilling and innovation of already established products and technologies. Incoming stimulations for development or innovation are in particular close relationship with our customers and permanent monitoring of their needs and problems, furthermore detailed monitoring of events in subject field by way of visiting various trade fairs, exhibitions or shows, monitoring of news in foreign companies and others. Most of development work requires expert assistance from professional scientific organizations. Invaluable importance for our company has cooperation with the Institute of Animal Science in Prague and with special workplaces of the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice. With actual project work are entrusted most capable employees of commercial, design and manufacturing department. While using modern computer technology and programs for 2D and 3D construction in this way are created designs of new parts and equipment complexes as well. Some of them require cooperation with programmers of ČVUT (Czech Technical University in Prague), e.g. programs packet for visualization and solution of dairy cattle movement in stable and milking parlor. Accepted solutions are then realized in the form of prototypes and are subjected to extended checking of properties and functions both in the prototype working room and consequently in operation with some of ours customers or cooperative companies. Only after elimination of possible defects is then product placed into from us offered range of products.