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We will build a Farm and biogas station as well.

Office of newspaper Daily organized project, in which is visualizing entrepreneurial subjects, which play fair towards environment and towards company itself. They are donating part of its profit to underprivileged, they are returning it back into living environment, they are attended to non-profit activities, and they are looking after talents and the like. Such activities are contradicting to the cliché about bad capitalists.

There are a lot of such companies in the South Bohemia as well and the company AGROMONT VIMPERK is rightly among them. Company management takes care not only for company profitability and for its employees, but it makes effort to back up a local entrepreneurs, civic associations, young sportsmen etc. Office of newspaper Daily allied with the Economic and Agrarian Chamber and they are reviewing, if the particular company could get the stamp „We behave conscientiously" and enter into the project, on end of which is assessment of the most interesting business plans. The project is furthermore supported from Secretary of Industry and Commerce Mr. Martin Kuba. About companies, which are competing for title We behave conscientiously, you will find each time in Wednesday issue of the Regional Economy Daily. Article about us you will find in the attached file.